The Making of a Nutrigum:

At Nutrigums we build exciting products that offer great value and exceptional quality. But it is not easy to master! Even for us! Creating products as good as we do needs experience, attention to detail and a passion for total perfection.

Nutrigums have a full team of industry experts that support the business on manufacturing and the development and compliance of our quality products. We take our responsibility as your chosen brand seriously.
We are just normal people trying to make a positive impact the best we know how. We worry just as you do that, we are not getting enough essential nutrients to keep us in optimum shape. We want to take care of ourselves both inside and out. Plus, we want easy ways to make sure we enjoy taking our supplements and we can enjoy using them every day. Therefore, all our products start with a very personal and a strong belief that supplementing with quality functional ingredients can have a powerful impact on our health and overall wellness.
Engineered by Science
We are not rocket scientist’s, but we are prepared to go where no man has gone before when it comes to innovation. That is because we have the right blend of skills and expertise to drive the best possible recipes and ideas and turn them into real products.
Clear & Transparent
We never hide the nasties! What you see is what you get! Our products clearly label all the ingredients that are used within our gummies and other products you may see on our website. These are clearly stated on the packaging and in a well described easy to read format. We use natural flavours and colours in all our formulations. We keep to natural ingredients where we can, and our gummies are always free from animal gelatin.
Ensured with Quality and Safety:
We take our responsibility for our supply chains very seriously and we ensure we manufacture our products in the best possible facilities. Our partners are all regulated and certified to meet high industry standards. We work with factories that are certified to GMP and have internal HACCP systems, ISO accreditation and BRC accreditation.
Packaged with Purpose
We cradle our products with the upmost care! We want you to receive your products in optimum condition. Our state-of-the-art warehousing in the UK offers a high-quality packing and storage solution for our products. We store our gummies in temperature-controlled conditions to keep them in the best possible shape, so you receive them in their best possible condition.